Isjtar works as a media artist, electronic music composer and performer.

From 2006 to 2011 he was a core member of OKNO, an artist run organization for art and media technology, where he collaborated with among others Guy Van Belle, Annemie Maes and Gert Aertsen.
OKNO organized a large number of events, ranging from exhibitions to workshops and collective creation. Main themes were connected artworks, interactivity, ecology, physical computing and electronic performance. As part of the many collectives harboured by OKNO, Isjtar participated in events such as dEAF07, Cynetart06, Sonambiente06, Upgrade! Chainreaction Skopje, ZKM Flying Circus, Time Inventors’ Kabinet.

In 2011 he decided to dedicate himself fully to his artistic practice, focusing mainly on ATK!, a duo with Ofer Smilansky.
ATK! made site specific art, fusing light and sound in immersive performances and installations. Among the events were Lexus Hybrid Art Moscow, MNF De Munt and Biela Noc Bratislava.

At the end of 2016 he left ATK! to research new forms of expression, using 3D graphics and game engines. The Blue Brute project was an inquiry into the realisation of live cinema, the manipulation of aspects of 3D cinema in an audiovisual performance.

In 2019 Isjtar started working at CREW, an organization pioneering VR and experimental techniques in the theatrical arts. Currently CREW’s founder Eric Joris and Isjtar collaborate to form the artistic heart of CREW. As technical director, Isjtar leads the implementation of CREW’s collaboration with research institutes.

As part of his artistic practice, Isjtar has developed exceptional skills in procedural 3d modeling, coding, audio synthesis and game engines. An expert in experimental media, he has taught workshops, given lectures and published several articles on the topic.