OKNO was an artist-run organisation for art and media technology. Isjtar was a core member from 2006 to 2012.

Ah the OKNO years. I was initially contacted to be some form of assistant, but the anarchist tendencies in the group and my youth fueled ego didn’t let that happen. I quickly ended up in the center of it, an ever changing alliance of extremists.
It was 6 years of technological madness, messing around with software and hardware with great passion. A couple of nice installations came out, but mostly it was a whirlwind of changing collaborations and great fights over what technology to use, how to make art with it and how to document it. In the end most of it was lost in the digital wasteland, but we can’t deny we did a great many things, incomprehensible to most, including ourselves. Soldering irons, sensors, laptops, code and a lot of digital junk in different settings. In the end, our interests started to diverge too much, complex interpersonal relations were taking their toll and it was better to move on to greener pastures. They were formative years though and that special blend of naive criticality had a charm.