Blue Brute is an audiovisual exploration of Bluebeard’s Castle, an ancient fairy tale. The tale is reduced to a skeleton structure onto which it’s essence is grafted: space as a narrative device. The exploration of the theme is largely poetic as the audience is invited to travel through a number of allegoric rooms, an abstracted narration of tension in light, space, texture and sound.
There are no clear answers here, only dreamlike impressions, details which get expanded and suggestions.

The form of the performance consists of a deconstructed scenography, shattered viewpoints into the mindscape of Bluebeard. The performer acts as a Dantean guide, but his hands are controling levers that manipulate all aspects of the projected environment. The result is live cinema in the true sense of the term, a cinematographic toolset is used to bring the performance to life with simulated light and cameras. One could consider it an inversion of silent films, where performers would accompany the film with musical instruments, only that now, the film emerges from the performer’s actions.

Blue Brute fuses state of the art technology in realtime computer graphics and sound. Futuristic minimalism is shunned in favour of bare realistic elements which evoke a different imaginary altogether. An imaginary which is congruous with human experience beyond dated futurism.